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Your Leading Workshop Facilitator for Individual and Collective Empowerment



Kat is a leader with a passion for supporting others. After having the opportunity to lead a social justice program at a national Jewish youth convention, Kat learned how powerful togetherness can be in achieving collective goals. Through the use of empowerment and team-building workshops, Kat creates a space where individuals can explore their own wants and needs alongside others with the same intentions.


Kat has created and facilitated countless programs focused on confidence building, professional development, team-bonding, effective communication, strategic planning, and social justice in both small and large arenas.​ She believes strongly in peer-to-peer support, which is utilized in all her workshops and coaching programs.



Rekindle your spirit and move towards your dreams

Kat DeSantis Workshops is a space for people who need that extra boost to feel confident and invigorated about the direction of their life. Workshop facilitator, Kat DeSantis, is a workshop enthusiast with a passion for supporting others and pinpointing the positive aspects that make you, you. Kat guides people on the path to realizing their own potential and creates a forum for folks on all walks of life to connect with one another.

“Change is made of choices, and choices are made of character.”

Amanda Gorman

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